Joint projects

In total, 27 projects are or have been supported as part of the program “r+Impuls – innovative technologies for resource efficiency – impulses for industrial resource efficiency” in different time periods.

As of 1.12.2020, 12 projects are still ongoing; 14 have already been completed.

Ongoing projects

  • aha

    Hardfacing or cladding with alternative materials

  • Circular Packaging

    Demonstration plant to recycle post-consumer packaging and combined waste into clean raw materials for high-quality packaging materials

  • DreamCompoundConti

    Resource-efficient process to produce a new high-performance thermoplastic

  • DreamResourceConti

    Resource-efficient production of CO₂-containing surface-active materials


    Automated injection system for lime-based desulphurization and alloy adjustment of cast iron

  • GoldRecApp

    Pilot installation for the return of precious metals into the economic cycle using innovative biotechnological process engineering

  • iCycle

    Recovery of metals and energy from residues of electronic scrap processing


    Plant for defined metal oxide conditioning of electric furnace slags for the production of ecological building materials and marketable metal fractions

  • PowdeR²eSint

    Development of an efficient cycle of residual plastic powder from the laser sintering process


    Resource optimization through system integration of pump, pump drive and control system

  • Re-Mining

    Plant to recover valuable materials from sulfidic tailings and their environmentally-compatible remediation

  • Schmelzinjekt-II

    Complete recycling of filter dust containing zinc using melt bath injectionecyclability of the mineral fractions generated

Completed projects

  • Eco-Pump-Drive

    Developing innovative circulating pumps for heating, air conditioning, drinking water and solar cycles that conserve resources and energy

  • ecoFluor

    Innovative and environmentally-friendly cleaning process based on fluorine (F2) as a substitute for NF3 and PFCs in the semiconductor industry

  • EZiRec

    Efficient recycling of tin from waste products of PCB manufacturing

  • FCycle

    Planning, construction and operation of a demonstration plant to recycle acids containing HF

  • HERA



    Application development of innovative power electronics to optimize the use of raw materials and energy in circulating pumps

  • IVAN

    Constructing and testing systems to produce contact materials with reduced silver content for low-voltage technology using innovative connection and construction technology


    Continuous oil and metal recovery process system for sludge and shavings


    Material-efficient lightweight construction for resource-efficient mobility

  • PLUS

    Pilot plant for laser-assisted sorting of special alloys

  • Precious metal adsorbers

    Recovering precious metals from the effluents of the metal processing industry using textile adsorbers

  • Production Dreams

    Developing continuous process steps to scale up the production of polyether carbonate polyurethane with covalently bound carbon dioxide

  • ReeL

    Resource-efficient production of leather chemicals


    Construction and operation of a plant to process the bottom ash from municipal solid waste incineration to maximize the recovery of strategic metals while optimizing the recyclability of the mineral fractions generated


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