Clusters and joint projects

Recovery of valuable metal fractions from waste streams (Metal recycling)

  • Dezincification

    Dezincification of steel scrap (033R021)

  • Extracting residues from mining waste

    Recovery of metals and mineral products from old Kupferschiefer mine dumps, Mansfeld district, Central Germany (033R011)

  • Lead metallurgy

    Better resource use and lower primary energy consumption in lead metallurgy (033R012)

  • Shredder sand

    Recycling fine-grained non-ferrous metal phases from shredder sand (033R001)

  • WAVE

    Analysing secondary raw materials using microwave-assisted laser emission spectroscopy (033R010)

  • Zero-waste metallurgy

    Auto thermal metal recovery from WEEE scrap using energy-optimized zero-waste metallurgy (033R003)

Improving energy and material efficiency in metal production (Metal production)

  • Concentrating phosphorus

    Optimized process control for resource-efficient production in the steel converting process (033R004)

  • Copper slags

    Avoiding metal losses in metallurgical slag based on the example of copper recovery (033R006)


    Increasing the energy and material efficiency of steel production in electric arc furnaces by optimized heat management and continuous dynamic process control (033R022)


    Optimized process control for resource-efficient crude steel production via the converter process (033R009)


    Resource-efficient shaping processes for titanium and highly heat-resistant alloys (033R027)

  • Strip casting

    Resource efficiency with the belt casting technology for the production of HSD steels (033R007)

Catalytic processes in the chemical industry (Chemical industry)

  • Chlorine production

    Improving the efficiency of chlorine production (033R018)

  • ReAlSelOx

    Resource-efficient alkane selective oxidation using new crystalline solid phases (033R028)

Drying and sintering processes in the ceramic industry (Ceramic industry)

  • Dry control

    Development of a resource-efficient drying technology for ceramic products (033R020)

  • Low-temperature sintering

    Low-temperature sintering of crockery and technical porcelain on ultra-light, highly porous batts in wood gas-powered, quick-firing kilns (033R053)

Improving material efficiency using innovative construction materials (Innovative construction materials)

  • Building aggregates

    Increasing resource efficiency in the construction sector by developing innovative technologies to produce high-quality building aggregates from secondary raw materials based on heterogeneous construction and demolition waste (033R015)

  • Celitement

    Development of sustainable cement (033R054)

Closed-loop recycling in coating processes (Coating processes)


    Development, simulation and consistent implementation of more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective coating of complex plastic components (033R030)

  • Tin plate

    New, resource-conserving efficiency technology for closed-loop recycling of metals and process water in tin plate production (033R002)

Improving resource efficiency through innovative services


    Network and internet-based Web platform on resource efficiency as a learning and application tool (033R013)


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